White Solid Oak Wood Wardrobe Princess Style , 6 Door Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture

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White Solid Oak Wood Wardrobe Princess Style , 6 Door Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture

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White Solid Oak Wood Wardrobe Princess Style , 6 Door Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture

General Description :


Multi – layer solid wood wardrobe with multi – layer solid wood board , with the characteristics of deformation is not easy and good regulation of indoor temperature and humidity of the excellent performance of the surface layer of solid wood paste material has a natural wood texture and feel , Therefore , much of the consumers . Multi – layer solid wood wardrobe with good structural stability , not easily deformed . As the vertical and horizontal bonding , high temperature and pressure , from the internal stress to solve the deformation of the board defects . In the production process using self – made high – quality environmentally friendly plastic , the product of formaldehyde emission limit to meet the national standards .


Features :


1. Health and Environmental

Soild wood wardrobe because of its excessive use of some adhesive to avoid , in the above environmental health performance is more superior


2 . Durable
The authoritative statistical survey shows that the life of solid wood furniture is ordinary plate wood furniture more than four to five times ;


3 . Exquisite shape
Solid wood wardrobe can achieve some of the wood wardrobe can not achieve the shape , such as carving and so on


4 . Open style

Solid wood wardrobe without style restrictions



Title goes here.
1 . Good quality products with cheap price , we want to build a good relationship with others


2 . We can accept your custom in any style , as long as you provide your drawings :


3 . Professional and experienced foreign trade staff ;


4 . Satisfactory after – sales service and technical support ;


5 . We have accumulated a good credit by so many cooperations with foreign customer


6 . We have got the certificates : ISO9001 , FSC .




1 . What’s your Furniture products range ?
We mainly manufactures high quality living room cabinet , wardrobes , wine cabinet , book case , TV cabinet , bedroom cabinets and all kinds of custom Cabinets with the idea” one – color decor” .
2 . How to Order Cabinets ?
a . Just order the products we display .
b . Customers offer the plan works of room and supply the interested style photos , then our engineers will make the exactly designs in 1 – 3 working days , and the scheme and quote will be sent to you in 1 – 2 working days when the design are approved .
3 . How to arrange shipping ?
Our Furniture goods’ packing is flat packing or assemble packing , we have very professional shipping agent to help us delivery the goods to your country .
4 . How to install the cabinet ?
All our products structure are international standard so as long as you can get well experience workers who had assembled the flat packing goods , it will be very easy for them to finish the installations . Also if there is any assistance you need , pls take photos or video , our engineer will be happy to help you solve any problem of installations .

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